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Issued at 03/20/2017 06:15     Valid until: 03/20/2017 23:59

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Mountain Weather Past 24 Hours)

At 10,400' Elevation: 5 AM Temp Max Temp Avg Wind Direction Avg. Wind Speed Max Wind Gust
Rendezvous Summit 26 º F 30 Southwesterly 23 48
Location Snowfall/Prec. Total Snow Depth Total Snowfall
At 9,300' Elevation (Raymer Plot) 2"/ 0.29 114" 484"
At 9,580' Elevation (Rendezvous Bowl Plot) 3"/ 0.41" 151" 543"
At 8,800' Elevation (Chief Joseph Plot) 3"/ 0.43" 110" 420"

Mountain Weather Forecast for Today

Skies will be mostly cloudy with snow showers in the mountains and rain showers in the valley
Temperature Forecast for 8,000´-9,000´: Rising into the 40s
Ridge Top Wind Forecast for 10,000´: West-southwest at 5 to 15 with gusts to 25 miles per hour.
Snowfall Expected Next 24 Hours: 1 to 3


High Elevations (9,000´-10,500´) Morning   2-MODERATE Afternoon   2-MODERATE
Mid Elevations (7,500´-9,000´) Morning   2-MODERATE Afternoon   2-MODERATE
Low Elevations (6,000´-7,500´) Morning   2-MODERATE Afternoon   2-MODERATE


Temperatures have been near or above freezing for an extended period. This has created extensive areas of weak, wet unconsolidated snow. The potential for wet slides to occur will increase as the day warms. Wet loose and wet slab avalanches are possible in cliff areas and in steep terrain at all elevations. Once initiated these wet slides can increase in size. Stay off and out from under steep slopes in areas where snow surfaces are wet and unconsolidated.
For further information call 307-733-2664 To report an avalanche observation call 307-739-2607
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