Issued at 01/22/2019 06:33   Valid until: 01/22/2019 23:59

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Mountain Weather Past 24 Hours)
At 10,400' Elevation 5 AM Temp Max Temp Avg Wind Dir Avg. Wind Speed Max Wind Gust
Rendezvous Summit 0 º F 19 Northwesterly 16 41
Temperature & Wind Graphs Summit 48 Hr Wind Graph
Location Elevation Snowfall/Prec. Total Snow Depth Total Snowfall
Raymer Plot 9,300' 2"/ 0.13" 74" 217"
Rendezvous Bowl Plot 9,580' 4"/ 0.29" 68" 230"
Chief Joseph Plot 8,800' 6"/ 0.40" 78" 206"
Mountain Weather Forecast for Today
Sunny this morning with increasing clouds this afternoon.
Temperature forecast for 8,000 - 9,000  
Rising into the teens.
Ridge Top Wind Forecast for 10,000´
Northwesterly at 10-15 mph.
Snowfall Expected Next 24 Hours
Teton Area avalanche hazard rating for 01/22/2019
General Avalanche Advisory
Dangerous avalanche conditions continue to be a threat to backcountry travelers. Yesterday, a skier was buried by a small slide in the Teton Pass area and similar events could happen today. Over the last seven days a consistent pattern of storm systems has brought approximately thirty inches of snow and three inches of snow water equivalent to the higher elevations of the Tetons. A chance continues to trigger wind formed slabs within this new snow, however, the primary concern rests with persistent weak layers of snow that lie at the interface of this recent snow that started falling last Tuesday or within deeper weak layers formed during previous cold dry periods. These instabilities could be triggered at all elevations today and have the potential to be large at the mid and upper elevations. Conservative terrain choices are necessary to avoid this persistent slab problem.

Today's Avalanche Problems

Persistent Slab

Avalanche problem rose
Very Likely
Very Large
Steady trend


The presence of a single skier or rider has the potential to trigger slab avalanches in steep avalanche terrain and remote triggering remains a possibility. At the mid and upper elevations slabs could run on sun crusts and surface hoar on southerly aspects and on faceted snow on northerly aspects to depths of of one to four feet. At lower elevations slabs to eighteen inches could be triggered. Once triggered slabs could entrain deeper snowpack layers.
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