Issued at 04/18/2019 06:42   Valid until: 04/18/2019 23:59

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Mountain Weather Past 24 Hours)
At 10,400' Elevation 5 AM Temp Max Temp Avg Wind Dir Avg. Wind Speed Max Wind Gust
Mt Coffin 22 º F 25 West-Northwesterly 34 72
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Location Elevation Snowfall/Prec. Total Snow Depth Total Snowfall
Comissary Ridge Plot 9,330' 0"/ 0.00 101" 377"
Blind Bull Meadow Plot 9,000' 1"/ 0.10" 85" 293"
Box Y Ranch Plot 6,300' 0"/ 0.00" 34" 166"
Mountain Weather Forecast for Today
Skies will be clear with abundant sunshine under a building high pressure ridge.
Temperature forecast for 8,000 - 9,000  
Temperatures will rise into the 40s and 50s
Ridge Top Wind Forecast for 10,000´
Winds will be from the west-northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour.
Snowfall Expected Next 24 Hours
General Avalanche Advisory
Sunshine and warm temperatures will increase the wet snow avalanche hazard and create dangerous conditions on and beneath steep avalanche prone slopes. As the day warms at the upper elevations the potential for large wet slab avalanches to be human triggered or release naturally will increase. Warming conditions will also be increasing the potential for wet loose avalanches to occur on very steep slopes on a variety of aspects. The hazard at the upper elevations will be moderate in the early morning hours and will increase to considerable. The hazard below an elevation of 8,500 feet will be low in the early morning hours and will increase to considerable. Monitor conditions at all elevations for a rapid increase in the wet snow avalanche hazard and get off of and out from under avalanche prone terrain before conditions become unstable.

Today's Avalanche Problems

Wet Slab

Avalanche problem rose
Very Likely
Very Large
Increasing trend


Large slab avalanches are likely at the upper elevations. These dangerous wet snow avalanches could be one to three feet deep may run into lower elevation terrain. Smaller wet loose slides are also likely on very steep terrain features. These wet slides may gouge down to the ground in areas where the snowpack is isothermal.
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