January 14, 1996,24 miles SW of Jackson WY, Bradley Mountain, Heliski Client

Three helicopter skiers including the guide were caught in a large avalanche they triggered, 14-16 inches deep, 300 feet wide and ran 1000 vertical feet. The guide and one client were partially buried and one client was totally buried. It occurred on only a 30-32 degree northeast facing slope and it drained into a gully where the debris could pile up deeply. One of the victims, a woman, was buried 10 feet deep and it took the guides 25 minutes of hard work to dig her out despite locating her with a beacon very quickly. The avalanche broke on a Christmas surface hoar layer which was widespread throughout much of Whoming and Idaho. Although no new snow had fallen in the previous 4 days, temperatures had warmed over the previous couple days settling the overlying snow into a slab. It was in the mid 30's at the time of the accident.
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