Date/Time: 12/26/2013 13:00:00

Path: Pucker Face Zone: 105
Elevation: 10273 Aspect: E
Starting zone slope angle: 41-45
Type: Hard Slab
Relative Size: 3 Destructive Size: 3.0 Depth: 48
Trigger: Skier (AS)
Lat: 43.589809 Lng: -110.889603

Observer Notes:This hard slab avalanche was triggered by the first skier who ventured onto a very steep, unsupported slope. The avalanche initially had a depth of about two feet and then stepped down another two feet. The skier was carried and fully buried. He was wearing a transciever. Another party quickly located and uncovered the victim, but he did not survive.

1 Fatalities Involved.

Michael Kazanjy Age: 29

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