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Avalanche Information Pages

Avalanche Event Map – Display of the location and attributes of avalanches that have occurred this season.
See below for a description of the features of the avalanche event map.

Field Observations – Display of area observations posted by the public and trained backcountry users.

Awareness Videos – Avalanche education videos.

Trails Hazard Maps – Avalanche hazard maps for maintained trails in the Continental Divide and Southwest Trails areas

Wyoming Fatalities – Lists with links to Wyoming avalanche fatalities

US Fatalities – Link to accident section of the website.

Publications – List with links to publications produced by the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center

Feature Operations for Avalanche Event Map

The following text provides a guide to the features of the avalanche event map section of this website.

Date Selection The default setting displays avalanche events posted during the past seven days. The reset dates menu allows you to view avalanche events posted during the past two weeks or month. Click on the select events button after choosing one of these options. To view events for a single day or a range of multiple consecutive days use the start date and end day calendar fields and then click on the select events button.

Area Selection The default setting displays all avalanche events posted during the selected time period. The area menu provides the option to view only avalanche events that occurred in the backcountry or only avalanche events that occurred at local ski resorts. Click on the select events button after choosing one of these options.

Select Events It is necessary to re-click on this button after you have changed selection options. The number of avalanche events posted and the number of these events posted with a mapped location for a selected option will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Not all events posted have a location and some of the locations posted may not be in the exact place where the avalanche event occurred.

Weather Stations Icons To view 5 AM data from the weather stations click on one of the weather station icons. To remove the weather station icons from the display uncheck the weather station display box.

Pan & Zoom Map View Click and drag the map to pan the map view. Use the zoom tools on the left side of the map screen to zoom the map view in and out.

Map View Options The default option of the map is a terrain view. A pull down menu exist in the upper right section of the map. This menu provides the options to view the map in a map, satellite, hybrid or the terrain view.

Avalanche Events Icons To obtain an abbreviated summary of the attributes of an avalanche event click on an avalanche event icon.

Map Legend Provides an explanation for the acronyms used to designate avalanche types, avalanche size (relative to path and destructive) and avalanche triggers.

Event Details Click on the event details button to view the selected avalanche event attributes in a table format. The default setting lists the most recent events at the top of the table. Click on the small triangle to the right of the date and the listing order is reversed. Click once on the small triangle on top of any of the other attribute columns and the avalanches are sorted smallest to largest. Click a second time on the triangle and the events are sorted largest to smallest.

Show Number of Entries In the event details table view there is a pull down menu that provides an option to display 10, 25, 50 or 100 avalanche events and attributes in the table view format. The default setting lists the 10 most recent avalanche events.

Search Events A search option exists in the upper right portion of the event details screen. Searches are possible by avalanche path name, zone, trigger, etc.

Map Selected Rows Select an avalanche event from the table in the event details view and click the map selected rows option to see the location of the selected avalanche event on the map view. It may be necessary to pan and zoom the map view to find the event location.

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